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Let Us Pamper Your Pet

Having your pet groomed isn’t just about making them look their best. Professional grooming keeps pets feeling their best, too! At Best Friends Bed and Biscuit, we are proud to offer pet grooming in Greensboro and would love to pamper your pet! We provide grooming services for both dogs and cats, and with our help, your furry family member will look and feel incredible.

Whether your pet needs a basic bath or nail trim, or they’re in need of a breed-specific haircut or other specialized grooming services, we have you covered. And you can rest assured that they will be in skilled and loving hands while in our care.

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Bath and Brush

All dogs are fully brushed first to ensure there are no more tangles before getting wet and then hand-washed using our Prima Bathing System Application with Top Performance Baby Powder tearless shampoo or a Baking Soda/Oatmeal Formula. Includes a nail trim, ear cleaning, a check for skin or coat abnormalities, blow drying, and a fresh bandanna or bowtie.

Exit Bath

All dogs getting an exit bath will be brushed, hand washed in warm water for up to 15 minutes, and towel dried. This is a great option for regular boarding pets that get bathed often. All other puppy perfecting service can be added to an exit bath.

Full Groom

Includes a luxurious Spa Bath and Blow Dry by a professionally trained Groomer. Each Full Groom also includes a nail trim, ear cleaning, anal glands, sanitary trim, haircut, and styling. Each proud pup will leave wearing a flattering bandanna, bowtie, or hair bows to show off to all their BFFs.

Spa Services - Dog

  • Exit Bath | Small Dog:


  • Exit Bath | Medium Dog:


  • Exit Bath | Large Dog:


  • Exit Bath | Xlarge Dog:


  • Bath & Brush | Small Dog:


  • Bath & Brush | Medium Dog:


  • Bath & Brush | Large Dog:


  • Bath & Brush | Xlarge Dog:


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Bath and Brush

Treat your feline friend to a pampering grooming session! We start with a gentle brush to untangle any knots, followed by a specialized bath using our Prima Bathing System and feline tailored shampoos. Your cat will also receive a nail trim, ear cleaning, and towel drying to complete their Spa Day. Our goal is to keep your cat looking and feeling their best with our expert grooming services

Exit Bath

All cats getting an exit bath will be brushed, hand washed in warm water for up to 15 minutes, and towel dried. All other feline related grooming services are available for add-on!

Groomer performed & Spa Services - Cat

  • Cat | Bath and Brush:


  • Cat | Nail Trim:


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Add-On Services

  • Anal Gland Expression
  • Brush Out
  • Hair Stenciling
  • Tooth Brush
  • Berry Facial
  • Deshed Service
  • Nail Coloring
  • Trim Ups
  • Clean Feet
  • Dremel or File Nails
  • Flea and Tick Shampoo
  • Conditioner Upgrade
  • Hair Coloring
  • Skunk Service


*Dog vaccines required: Rabies, Distemper, Parvo, and Bordetella
*Cat vaccines required: Rabies, FVRCP, and Leukemia

Meet our Groomer



Sydney has been an Accredited Professional Pet Groomer since 2018. She attended Nanhall School of Professional Pet Grooming to become an Accredited Groomer. Her experience started with bathing and assisting, to now being the Lead Groomer at Best Friends Bed & Biscuit. Sydney's love of animals has been life-long with a mix of pets, as well as farm dogs; growing up with Beagles, Rat Terriers, a Husky Mix and an Australian Shepherd. She has always had a passion for animals, and has worked in the animal care industry her entire adult life. She currently has one rescue dog; a Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix.

She strives to make the grooming experience as stress free as possible. Sydney believes it is a must to have a great deal of patience and trust, as well as the ability to read dogs' body language. Many clients have commented that she has a special talent of working with dogs that other groomers turn away. Sydney takes great pride in her work; making sure each dog gets the full attention to detail that it deserves. She keeps up to date on the latest grooming trends, equipment, and techniques by attending trade shows and seminars. Sydney is a believer that there is always something new to learn in the grooming industry and strives to learn new ways to keep your dogs happy and healthy.

Pet Grooming in Greensboro

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