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Tips to Prevent Emergency Vet Visits During the Holidays

The holidays are a time of joy and happiness, but they can also be a time of danger for our furry friends. Because of these hazards, you would be surprised how many visits veterinarians get during the holidays. In this article, you’ll learn some .


Careful With the Decor

Many pet owners are unaware of the dangers that can be caused by holiday decorations. When pets ingest or chew on these decorations, they can get poisoned, choked, and even die. Pets can get poisoned by consuming metal wiring, plastic parts, and lead-based paint on certain ornaments. They can also choke on smaller objects like ribbons, tinsels, bulbs, and breakable ornaments.

It’s recommended that you do not leave any holiday decorations out in your home for your pets to play with unsupervised. If you have a pet, make sure to keep all decorations out of reach from them at all times. A small effort can go a long way in making sure you don’t have any emergency vet visits during the holidays.

Ingredients in the Food

The holidays are a time for celebration but also for food. Unfortunately, the food you eat can be dangerous for your pets. You should always keep in mind that what is safe for you might not be safe for them.

Some foods that are safe for you to eat, such as chocolate and turkey, can cause serious health issues in pets. For example, chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine, which can lead to seizures or even death in pets. Turkey is also a common holiday dish, but it’s cooked bones can shatter, choke, and cause internal bleeding for your pet if ingested. Other dangerous ingredients found in common holiday dishes include grapes, nuts, and alcohol.

Lights and Fires

If you don’t want to be rushing your pet to the hospital because of electrocution or burns, then you need to be mindful of where you are placing your lights and fire this holiday season. Holiday lights are often long wires hung up around the house. If your pet plays or chews on these wires, they can get severely electrocuted. Candles are also common holiday decor that can light your pet and your house on fire if you’re not careful. Remember that keeping these things out of their reach is always safest.



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