Greensboro NC Doggie Daycare | Best Friends Bed and Biscuit“Our last Sofi, for the 13 years of her life, only had one home away from home: Best Friends Bed & Biscuit. We are now the proud parents of a new Sophie (again a Boxer), and Best Friends is very much a part of her life. She attended Puppy Preschool and Beginners Obedience classes, and she already has had many ‘vacations’ booked. What can we say other than a big THANK YOU for your dedication to working with us and ‘daughter’.”

Benedicte, Christian, & Sophie Mengel
Greensboro, NC

 Greensboro NC Doggie Daycare | Best Friends Bed and Biscuit“It has been two years since we began our relationship with Best Friends Bed and Biscuit. Elka was 10 weeks old when she enrolled in her first puppy class. We continued with obedience training, agility, freestyle, and many workshops. Elka earned her Canine Good Citizen certificate at Best Friends and we visit Hospice and nursing homes in the Pet Therapy program. All of this is possible because of the knowledgeable staff at Best Friends…the “Best of the Best”. Elka and I are a team…Best Friends is part of our team.”

Pam & Elka Gaynor
Gibsonville, NC

 Greensboro NC Doggie Daycare | Best Friends Bed and Biscuit“Oreo and Rusty always have lots of positive things to say when they return from a visit to Catnip Cottage! We visit often, and have always had very good experiences with the staff.”

Jon, Oreo & Rusty Barsanti
Greensboro, NC

 Greensboro NC Doggie Daycare | Best Friends Bed and Biscuit“Once again, your facility impresses us. We let Ellie vacation …and from the drop-off to the pick-up, your staff was so pleasant to us — and kind to Ellie, who got a little nervous when first dropped off. We picked her up a day early on Sunday night. We came straight from the airport and barely made it before closing. We didn’t even call first, but your staff said “No Problem!” They got her all packed up and ready to go. The best part is that when I brought her back the next morning for her bath she was actually wagging her tail and walked right in–that’s all I need to see to know she was actually CARED FOR and not just “taken care of”. Thank you so much for providing what you do. Please let your staff know how much their kindness means to nervous pet owners.”

Kathleen, David & Ellie Goins
Reidsville, NC

 Greensboro NC Doggie Daycare | Best Friends Bed and Biscuit“We’ve come to Best Friends for six years now, and we never, ever worry about Mindy when she stays. The staff is absolutely wonderful… they’re so accommodating, and if ever overbooked, they put us on list and call if an opening comes up! We recommend them time and time again.”

Virginia & Mindy Swanson
Greensboro, NC

 Greensboro NC Doggie Daycare | Best Friends Bed and Biscuit“I am always so pleased when I pick up Sammy at Best Friends Bed &Biscuit. It is a pleasure to see him so happy with the care he has received, especially after two weeks. The love and professional care that he receives is clearly seen through his attitude. Please know that such care and warmth is a blessing for our family and Sammy.”

Linda Hawk & Sammy
Greensboro, NC

 Greensboro NC Doggie Daycare | Best Friends Bed and Biscuit“I’ve attended other training classes, but none compared to the experience I had with Annie at Best Friends. No matter how many dogs are in class, the instructor gave each dog the same amount of attention and extended training to include the ‘whole dog’. We not only covered commands, we learned about the dog’s health, coat, breed characteristics, family order…it was so much more than I expected – very well done. I’ve already recommended Best Friends to others!”

Kathy & Annie Haughton
Greensboro, NC

 Greensboro NC Doggie Daycare | Best Friends Bed and Biscuit“I wanted to drop you a note about your lovely boarding kennel facility. Best Friends Bed & Biscuit offers such an upscale, safe facility for our dogs to visit. Best Friends Bed and Biscuit is always immaculate and our dogs seem to be so happy while staying at your kennel. I am thankful to know they are able to stay at your kennel at times when we’ve not been able to care for them. Your friendship has allowed for some of our dogs to share their life with you too. Showing dogs is a wonderful activity and meeting you within the dog show world has given such a wonderful home for some of our homebred champions. We’ve entrusted to you these dogs because of the care and love you show your pets. I am grateful for the home you give to them. Your care of these dogs is exhibited in the conditions they are kept in and the sparkling coats that they carry. It is always comforting to know that they live the “life of luxury” with you. Thank you for taking such excellent care of them.”

Patty & Casey Powell
Jazz & CJ
Charlotte, NC

 Greensboro NC Doggie Daycare | Best Friends Bed and Biscuit“Best Friends is true to the name of how you have represented Best Friends Bed & Biscuit to my family. Throughout my wife Ann’s battle with cancer from 1996 to 2001, you provided an unconditional open door policy for our most prized family member, Penny Annie. This meant a lot to Ann and I, knowing that she is in the best of care and treated as if she was home. Your support continued on after 2001 and Penny always was a welcome guest. Each and every time Penny was greeted as if she was a member of the Best Friends family and she was wagging her tail, barking for biscuits and stress free when it was time to leave. Your compassion and understanding the importance of quality care for Penny was demonstrated again when she needed medical attention during her stay with you. Thank you for being who you are and a ‘True Best Friend’ to your ‘Pet Guests’.”

Steve & Pennie Annie Resciniti
Greensboro, NC

 Greensboro NC Doggie Daycare | Best Friends Bed and Biscuit“Best Friends has taken such wonderful care of my dog Sassy. And the training provided to Sassy during ‘Puppy Preschool’ and ‘Summer Camp’ has taken a great burden off my shoulders. Sassy and I have learned how to live together, and life for both of us is much calmer than before we found Best Friends. It is obvious to me that all the staff members are true pet lovers. They treat our “best friends” as if they were their own so I never have to worry about my baby when she’s in their care. I truly appreciate all their dedication and commitment.”

Sue & Sassy Forrest
Greensboro, NC

 Greensboro NC Doggie Daycare | Best Friends Bed and Biscuit“We adopted Bunns and Bubba in the early spring of 1991. They were inseparable. In 1999 we had to put Bunns to sleep because of bone cancer. We were devastated and so worried about Bubba – she had been his companion since birth! Needless to say, Bubba became quite attached to us. Leaving him for any length of time was very traumatic for him and took him several days to recover from the separation.

When we decided to take a road trip last summer, we were anxious to find him a place to stay where he would be happy…so we decided to try Best Friends.

When we came home he was excited to see us, but acted as though nothing had been different for him for the past two weeks! We could not believe it! The attention and care he was given at Best Friends was priceless to us and we will never hesitate to leave Bubba there nor recommend Best Friends to any pet owner who wants their pet to be “at home” when they’re away from home.”

Pat & Bill Tompkins
Bunns & Bubba
Penhook, VA

 Greensboro NC Doggie Daycare | Best Friends Bed and Biscuit“All of our experiences with Best Friends have been positive. Dusty and Chelsea have both boarded there, and we enjoyed the puppy class too. The staff is always extremely helpful.”

Paulette & Bill Greeson
Dusty& Chelsea
Oak Ridge, NC

“Best Friends is where my dogs play all day and gossip all night! They don’t even look back to say goodbye us – it’s a guilt-free vacation for the parents. I wouldn’t trust anyone else to care for my ‘best friends’.”

Mary Hagan
Greensboro, NC

 Greensboro NC Doggie Daycare | Best Friends Bed and Biscuit“The difference is that the Best Friends staff really does care about the animals. We searched for excellence in pet care because our dogs need special care and attention. We now travel two hours so our dogs can stay with Best Friends. It’s worth the extra distance. We’ve had a relationship with Best Friends for almost two years, and our dogs have never looked better cared for when we pick them up…they LOVE going there! The entire staff is very accommodating. Best Friends is the best thing since sliced bread!

Diane Barnes
Sophie & Clay
Smith Mountain Lake, VA

 Greensboro NC Doggie Daycare | Best Friends Bed and Biscuit“We’ve had a relationship with the Best Friends staff for eight years…training and boarding. The staff is so careful and provides absolutely the best treatment. Our dogs get excited every time they go to the car because they think they’re going to Bed & Biscuit!

Dr. John and Diane Hamrick
Moonshine & Dixie
High Point, NC

“Hello Best Friends, Just wanted you to know that we had to say good-bye to Britney. Thank you for taking such good care of her the past 10 years. We truly appreciate it. She will be missed. “

Marlene & Russ Kleinbauer
Greensboro, NC

“What meant the most to me was that my dogs were returned from boarding without injury, sickness, or stress…and they were clean! The staff is very friendly and polite. I have recommended Best Friends to others and will continue to do so!”

Linda Landry
Greyhound Friends of Greensboro, NC

“Thank you for hosting the Poodle picnic. What a fun event! Your facility is super. We loved meeting your Lizzie. We’re only sorry we had to leave before the wonderful dancing demo was through. Thank you again.”

Kristin, Bob & Emmy Dill

 Greensboro NC Doggie Daycare | Best Friends Bed and Biscuit“Best Friends knows dogs!  They helped us to choose the training tools that work best for the personality of our pup.  The training sessions are lots of fun and the “homework” is very rewarding.  The instruction sheets handed out at the end of class make it possible to review the lessons at home for consistent practice time.  It’s a great feeling to know we can be involved in teaching our pup to be well behaved!”

Cindy & Bella Van Gorder
Greensboro, NC

 Greensboro NC Doggie Daycare | Best Friends Bed and Biscuit“Kasey, a shy golden retriever, has really enjoyed her classes at Best Friends in AKC Good Citizen, Obedience and Agility training where she has developed so much more self-confidence. With joy, she looks forward to going to each class! Great staff!”

Pat & Kasey Kelley
Greensboro, NC

 Greensboro NC Doggie Daycare | Best Friends Bed and Biscuit“We moved to Greensboro about a year and a half ago.  I took Gracie to several groomers, trying to find one the family was happy with.  Each time the family told me to ” try again”.  I found Best Friends and I didn’t have to look anymore.  Everyone was happy with her looks and I have been using them ever since.  Gracie has her own vacation with Best Friends when we go on vacation.  She is happy when I drop her off and happy when I pick her up.  I won’t go anywhere else.  They are the best!”

Cindy & Gracie Branton
Greensboro, NC

“Thanks so much for all your help with Bella. She is a great pup full of personality but, as you know, I initially had a difficult time controlling her. A week with you was a godsend for me. I was leary of the remote collar…worried about its effect on her personality. She responded beautifully making a walk in the park….well, just that. The training process may actually be shortened with the remote collar. And I was most reassured when she continued to be happy to see you at her training lessons. You really do a splendid job and clearly love the dogs and what you do. My only regret is that I don’t have another pup for you to train! Looking forward to our next lesson!”

Tori, Bella & Baxter Bradsher
Greensboro, NC

 Greensboro NC Doggie Daycare | Best Friends Bed and BiscuitThank you for the continued training of our English Mastiff, Max.  He’s learned so much at your facility.  Expectations, Communication, Roles & Goals…that is how we defined what Best Friends training focuses on.  Our whole training experience was ‘pawsitively’ wonderful.  Your genuine care and concern for Max was evident from the moment we took the first ‘Begginers’ class with you when Max was 6 mos old.  At a little over 1 year old, we can honestly say our experiences at Best Friends consistently get better each class we take.

“Our dog was a pup, a real pain in the rear.  He pulled on his leash, and always ran in fear.  Training and manners, is what he did lack.  He kept running off, and not coming back.  So we came to your class, and worked every day.  We practiced our heel, our sit and our stay.  We passed all our classes, and came back for more.  Max is getting even smarter than before.  From obedience to confirmation, when all was said and done…the training at Best Friends is consistently second to none!  Our life is much better, that’s plain to see…So here’s a big THANKS from Max and me.  Thank You!”

David, Kim & Max Cooley
High Point, NC

 Greensboro NC Doggie Daycare | Best Friends Bed and Biscuit“Thank you, Best Friends, for providing us with all the important fundamentals of obedience training.  Bogey continues to put his best paw forward and recently received his certification from Therapy Dogs International.  Your positive training techniques and support have been invaluable!”

Billie, Al & Bogey Pierce
Greensboro, NC

 Greensboro NC Doggie Daycare | Best Friends Bed and Biscuit“When I began the beginners class, I was hesitant. I knew I had a dog that didn’t understand a single command at 4 years of age. But the instructors were patient and reassuring. There were others in my class that made me feel that I made a good choice to start with this class. With the encouragement of the instructors, I then decided to try the Invisible Leash. I realized that I needed to let him know what I expected from him or he was going to walk all over me. Fonzie has calmed down so much and walks with him are so much more pleasant after the training. I would recommend the classes and especially the on- on-one lessons to everyone. Thanks Best Friends for helping Fonzie & Me.”

Elaine & Fonzie Parker
Greensboro, NC