Dog Kennel Boarding Daycare Grooming PoliciesWe are a member of the American Boarding Kennel Association and adhere to their strict Code of Ethics.


ABKA Member | Dog Boarding Kennel | Greensboro NC | Doggie Daycare | Cat Boarding | Dog Behavior Training | Grooming & BathsVaccination Requirements

We’re responsible for providing our guests a safe environment, so written verification of vaccinations from a licensed veterinarian is required.

The vaccination requirements below apply to any cat or dog visiting us. Verification is required prior a guest’s visit.

For Dogs:

  • DHLP-P (on schedule recommended by you vet)
  • BORDETELLA & PARAINFLUENZA (protects against upper respiratory viruses, required annually, recommended every six months)
  • RABIES (as required by N.C. law)

Doggie Daycare | Greensboro NC | Dog Kennel | Cat Boarding | Dog Behavior Training | Grooming & BathsFor Cats:

  • FVRCP (on a schedule as recommended by your vet)
  • RABIES (as required by N.C. law)
  • Feline Leukemia (required only for cats who go outdoors)


We can not accept bedding from home without prior approval, however each guest is provided cozy bedding. Extra is available upon request.

Fleas & Ticks

We have an obligation to provide each guest a healthy environment. All guests are inspected for critters during the check-in process. If fleas or ticks are found, the guest is immediately given a flea/tick bath and the owner is charged for this service at check-out.

QUESTIONS? Or for more information please email us at office@bedandbiscuit.com